The Basics of Lock Upgrade

Some locks become obsolete after some time. Modern locks are now being introduced in the market today and locks also have their lifespan. If you have the same locks you had ten years ago, you might need to consider doing an upgrade. Upgrading your lock system may mean to completely change the entire keys and locks. However, it could also mean to simply rekey your current locks. Well, it would only depend on the current condition of your locks.

So when do you decide to rekey or replace your locks? If your locks are still in condition, it will be wiser if you choose for a rekey instead of a replacement. It might get too costly if you plan to change your entire locks into new ones. Modern locks nowadays are quite expensive. Rekeying will only cost you a bit so if you have a tight budget for your security system, it is definitely your best choice. On the other hand, a replacement may be necessary in some cases. If your locks no longer provide the security you need, you really need to consider having them replaced.

Rekeying or replacing?

The simple explanation for rekeying is that the Locksmith will alter the hardware you currently have installed. This means that old keys will no longer work and a new set will be created.
This is ideal when you buy a new home or any situation where you are not sure how many keys have been given out for the lock over time and could still be used for access. If your lock is old, made of poor quality materials or excessively worn then rekeying the lock may not be a viable option. Get the full article from the main source.

You should also consider the number of people who can access your property. If you are living in a new apartment, you will definitely need to replace your locks as soon as possible. You might not be the first tenant in that place. In order to maintain your privacy and the security of your properties, a lock replacement would be deemed as necessary.

When should you change your locks?

This is like asking how long a piece of string is – you don’t really know for sure. To start with, your local real estate agent or agents, for that matter could have key, previous partners or friends, cleaners, neighbours, even the humble plumber, electrician or builder may have been given your key. You wouldn’t give your house key to just anyone, so why should they have access to your property now. Read the entire post here.

It is critical to upgrade your locks at some point of your life. No one deserves to suffer being a victim of break-ins. Burglars normally target homes with weak level of security. This is also one of the reasons why you need to consider making an upgrade. It is advisable to seek the assistance of a locksmith in choosing which type of lock system is best for you in case you decide for a replacement.

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