Castle Hill continues to grow in terms of population and economic status. For this reason, the local government has continually developed many areas in the suburb, including public highways and transportation. Recently, the government delivered more than 600 new bus services in Castle Hill to supply the demands of the general public in the area. Bus services are now readily available in many parts of Castle Hill. The addition of public transportation is part of the local government’s growth services program, which has the objective to provide a more convenient living in the suburb.

Every day, there are thousands of commuters in Castle Hill coming from different areas. To supply the increasing demand of customers, it is just right to increase the number of buses travelling around the vicinity. The additional buses are expected to go through the major routes, such as the employment centres of Castle Hill. Recent developments in the roads are also undergoing and some are still being planned. Road widening is being considered in some areas of the suburb. Additional bus routes are also being considered to provide a smoother traffic to public highways.

Castle Hill is just an easy access from Sydney. Bus services from the Sydney central district to Castle Hill are very accessible. Transportation by land is the guaranteed fastest way to travel to the suburb.

One of the largest commercial centres in Castle Hill is located in an underground station called the Castle Hill Station. It is about 25 metres below the ground. Major retail stores and several speciality shops can be found in the area. Access and entry to the area are just convenient. The station can be accessed through the plaza near the Old Northern Road. The Castle Hill Station has recently made significant developments. Retail spaces were expanded, and the station entry was improved. The park also received developments with its modern landscaping. Traffic lights in nearby streets were replaced with modern ones and the addition of pedestrian lanes for smoother and more orderly traffic. Emergency vehicles were also added for easy access in case of incidents.

The Castle Towers is also a great attraction in Castle Hill. It is considered as the largest shopping complex in the entire suburb. A wider parking area is under construction to meet the increase of customers in the shopping centre. Thousands of customers flock the Castle Towers every day, especially during weekends. It has contributed a significant amount to the economic growth of Castle Hill which is why developments are being regularly made.

Castle Hill is already considered a metropolitan area, considering the large commercial areas in the vicinity. Residential areas in the suburb are also being developed. Apartment complexes and hotels are situated near commercial centres and educational institutions. The population in the suburb continues to increase rapidly over the past years. Thankfully, the local government is always looking for ways to maintain peace and order in Castle Hill.